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Things you get to do as a fan:
Support them
Buy their music
Buy their merch
watch their music videos
request their music on the radio
cry with their selfies
laugh with their interviews

Things you don’t get to do as a fan
choose who they should date
hate on the people they date
act like you own them
be an asshole

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support group for ppl who used to be the same age as their favourite character but then got older

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All that’s left are the smears of blood on the floor.
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me: they're my babies
person: but they're twice your a-
me: babies. mine.
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The One Where I Realize Why Books Mean So Much To Me… Because of IKEA
Guys, after probably a century of me complaining about how I never seem to have a place to put my books, my parents have surprised me with three IKEA Billy bookshelves over the last weekend.
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Birthday book haul from November!